Science Fiction Digital Short Virtual Studio

Story + Science  = Compelling

Maelstrom II
Arthur C. Clarke science fiction digital short.
Hydroponics engineer Cliff Leyland is based at a water ice mine on the lunar south pole. He wants to visit his family on Earth, and decides to hitch a ride on the e.m. catapult...

Interactive 2D & 3D Educational Software

curiosity-driven / organic learning tools

An interactive 3D software experience
based on the Mars Exploration Rover Mission

Mad Meme Labs

productivity, education, and creativity software research & development, based on emerging web 2.0+ and synthetic intelligent technologies

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About the Founder
Jeroen Lapre' is a digital artist with over 15 years experience in the feature film visual effects industry.
He is passionate about combining story with science, space exploration & colonisation.
Jeroen is also committed to re-empowering the individual through productivity, education, and creativity software development.

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Logo background Hubble image: M51 The Heart of the Whirlpool Galaxy. Credit: STScI & NASA Used under the NASA Contract NAS5-26555.
Mad Scientist image: by Wikimedia user: J.J.